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Customer Feedback

What Customers are saying about us:

The following statements are from actual emails we have received from satisfied customers.  Anything added or changed (other than misspellings)  will appear in [brackets]. 

​"Patty is doing wonderfully, she has mumbled "pretty bird" and "I love you". . . She eats well veggies, some fruit and anything I am eating.  Her flight feathers have grown in. They are a beautiful turquoise.. . She is really loving will spend hours sitting on my lap even when I nap. . .Thanks again for being such a loving breeder [there is] no other wayI could have gotten such a loving bird"       
J.W.  [father to "Patty", a Patagonia Conure]  San Marcos, TX 

Stella is such a lover!! ANYONE can take her out & she immediately extends her neck for a kiss.  George is really talking more. It's funny. Not only does he say "step up" but nowhe clearly says "Stop it. Zip it. and no".  It's so funny when the other birds start making noise, George goes "Stop it." or "Zip it". He just started telling Stella "No" and to "Stop it"when she gets noisy. He's still the noisiest of all though :)                   

Alicia [proud mother to "George," a Sun Conure and "Stella," a Galah Cockatoo] Round Rock, TX

 ". . . we couldn't be happier with "Curly", he acts like he feels the same. He . . . listens pretty good as far as stepping up. . .he enjoys playing and loves carrots, corn, grapes, applesand oranges along with his regular Zupreem. . . we absolutely love him very much. Thanks for everything and if we decide to get more in the future we know who to contact."                              

Todd and Carina [proud parents of "Curly" an Orange Wing Amazon Parrot]  Abilene, TX

​As each day goes by, we get more and more attached and pleased with Pearl. She lets all three of us pick her up and carry her around. I am still her favorite though. She is starting to talk,and is trying to laugh. She also is trying to mimic one of our dog's bark. She likes to snuggle in the evening, and really enjoys my attempts at Karaoke singing. Like I have said before, you can tell she was from Texas because she likes Bob Wills and Earnest Tubb. If we are out of the room from her for a few minutes and she knows we are in the house, she will come looking for us.We love this bird, and are really enjoying her.         

Jack  [Dad to Pearl, an Orange Wing Amazon Parrot]  Oklahoma 

​Nigel is doing really well. All the other birds like him. He seems to be trying to talk and his voice is soo cute. He loves his toys. He takes showers with me and seems to like being wet. He eatseverything I offer him. I also wanted to let you know how easy it was to get him from the airport. It couldn't have gone more smoothly. Thanks! we are having fun ! :o)                                

Jana  [Mom to Nigel, a Hahns Macaw]  Washington State

​We just got home about 20 minutes ago [from picking up their bird from the airport]. She is just fine. She is so beautiful. . . She is in her cage right now chowing down on zupreem! Thanks so much! I'll be in touch!                                  

Leslie [Mom to a Sun Conure]  Pennsylvania

I just wanted to let you know that we are doing great!  Emee is so sweet, she loves to be babied. She snuggles real close to me on the couch and she snuggles up to my neck when I hold her. . . . She did come up to my dinner plate tonight and have a few bites of fruit. she isn't afraid of the dogs, as a mater of fact she tried to nip at Zeus' nose and I think the dogs are afraid of her! I never even imagined she would be as much fun as she is. When I come in the house she starts to chirp. . .  she comes right up to the door when I open her cage. She wants out! . . . You really did a great job with her. Thank you soooo much.               

Angie [Mom to Emee, a Congo African Grey Parrot] Ohio

​How are you doing?  "The Boys" are doing just great.  They went to cheerleading practice with me the other day and had a blast.  I make the girls run on the track and when they walked to cool down they took the kiddies with them. Sydney is a total Casanova.  He had the girls eating out of his claw.  And Alex is a real ham.  He would hang up-side-down and catcall to the girls.  What a flirt!  Well, I hope all is going well your way.  School started with a bang for me a month ago now and I have not stopped running yet.  It is nice though because I get to come home and lunch and play with the boys.  That and the last two hours before I go to bed we have a ritual of a snack (usually oranges) and watching The Golden Girls followed by The Nanny before we go to bed.  Alex is really starting to talk a lot.  It is not all completely clear yet, but I can make out quite a bit like "hello", "good-nite", "I love you", "Kory, No!" and several whistles.  Sydalso says a few of the same words and also says "uh-oh" when he drops something.  I just love them.                                 

Bethani [Mom to Alex, a Cameroon African Grey, and Sydney, a Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo]  Texas

Oswald is doing great on his first day in Vermont.  We did not cover his cage last night and didn't hear a peep out of him until we went downstairs in the morning.  He socialized with us during breakfast and climbed around on every member of the family. He is still eating and drinking well and is enjoying his new toys.  I'm not sure if it's a sign of early potty training or a coincidence, but today I spent a few minutes letting Oswald climb around on me and then returned him to his cage. The minute I shut the door and stepped back - he pooped. He has been hearing a lot of "Good Boys" today; he really is a doll.                          

Stephanie [Mom to Oswald] Vermont

​We are so thrilled with Angel . . . She is an absolute delight.  Her potty skills are great. . .  I am teaching her to rest backwards in my hand.  I gently pat her whole body - under wings, tail, body, under neck, etc.  We also purchased a stand for her that we placed upstairs so she can spend more time w/us . . .  She loves being held and loves being w/me.  The dogs love her and the cat has been taught to stay away.  .  .   She gets all excited when I come in to  hold her or to take her out of the cage.  Thank you so much.  Also, I was wondering how I add comments to your comment section.  Again thanks.                            

Sharyn [Mom to Angel, a Congo African Grey} Texas

​Just an update on Nicky my Hahns Macaw. She is such a delight and a good choice for my family, she is saying several words and a lot of baby babble. She is very sweet, and loves to cuddle. She was potty trained in about 6 weeks, she is nowlearning to dance. Here is a picture of her with my daughter Amber. Please feel free to post the letter along with picture on your site. And thanks again.                            

Brenda  [Mom to Nicky, a Hahns Macaw} Iowa 

Just thought you might want an update on Rosco. . .  He is such a great addition to our family.  He always keeps us laughing. . .  He loves attention.  He demands to be petted ALL THE TIME!!!  He will put his beak on the ground or table and sitthere for as long as you will pet him.  If you stop and move your hand he will run to your hand and demand more.  He mocks every whistle we do and is laughing a lot now.     He is [potty trained].  He rarely has accidents.  He is also very goodwith people.  We try to have everyone that comes over talk to him and pet him.  He has never really been ugly to anyone.  He is the sweetest bird ever!  I guess that is all, just wanted you to know how proud we are to have him.                                    

Chay   [Mom to Rosco, a Congo African Grey] Texas 

Bella is absolutely amazing!!!! She has adjusted very nicely to our home and her new cage. She snuggled inside my shirt all evening last night. We bonded right away. She also is playing very well with all of the children. My kids are very proud and have shown her off proudly! She has a wonderful temperament. She is gentle and playful....and for a Sun Conure...amazingly quiet. . . Bella had no problem taking to the water bottle and at bed time when I put her into the tent, she fell fast asleep.She truly is doing remarkable!  Thank you for a wonderful bird. We are proud parents!!! If we have any problems or questions in the future we will be sure to call on you.                                            

Jenny [Family to Bella, a Sun Conure] Texas 

​Melissa, thought I would send a quick note and picture of "Diego". He/she has fit in well with our extended family of 3 dogs, ferret, cockatiel, fish, turtles etc......and likes to speak to them all!!!! Her favorite things to say so far are "here chicken,chicken,chicken"and "I almost fell " whenever she slips. It is the happiest animal I have ever seen and goes to everyone with an outstretched arm. Thanks again!!!!                                         

Peter [Dad to Diego, an Umbrella Cockatoo] New York

Charlie is doing great here.  He loves his life with me.  Currently he has learned several new tricks.  He likes to play dead by falling over on my hands both on command and at his will.  He also has learned to count to four and say "Sala" which is Spanish for living room .   .  . He's so funny because he stands on my laptop and watches me type.  Sometimes he'll try to type and move the mouse.  He does it well but doesn't know what he is typing but does know it appears on the screen.  Every time I hear someone say African Greys don't make much noise, I laugh.  Charlie  talks all day everyday.  He is only quiet sometimes when I try to nap or he naps and at night. . . Charlie also loves to get in the bed with me and sit on my pillow while I rest my head.  He'll sometimes run up and down my bed just for fun orchase my toes under the blankets.  He has even made an obstacle course from my bed to my filing cabinet to my desk.  Furthermore, Charlie likes to ride around on my purse and if it's open, he'll become a pick-pocket and take out my lipstick, try to open it and put it on.Is that just cute?  Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful bird, he is definitely more than just a one person bird and so kind and entertaining and loving!  My entire family loves him!  I have attached a picture of him and my cousin sharing dinner whichhe often steals from me.  He actually sat at the table with us for thanksgiving!  Anyways, Happy New Year and thanks once again.                               

Alexia [Mom to Charlie, an African Grey] Texas 

​Hello, I just wanted to update you on our baby.  We cannot agree on a name for him so we call him baby, my husband calls him Leroy... He or she is doing REALLY well.  We are hearing new words daily.  He has the cry of our baby down to a T.  We thank you VERY muchfor this precious bird.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and maybe we will get to do more in the future.  You could not have picked a better bird for my family.  Thanks again,                   

The Hall Family [Family to Leroy/Baby, a Hahn​s Mini Macaw] Texas

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful Grey Congo that you have given us.  She is 8 months old now and getting better with each day.  She is in absolute perfect health.  She says hello as clear as crystal now.  She also says "Well, Hello Pretty Girl, I Love You, Hi Nala, Whatcha Doin, How Ya Doin, Pretty Girl, and Pretty Wings."  She is definitely not a one person bird either.  My girlfriend and my sister can pick her up with no problem.  . . .  She is extremely playful and full of life every day.  She loves her night times when she stands onmy chest for an hour or so and I scratch her head.  Then when she gets tired, she puts her head under my chin and starts to fall asleep.  You talk about cute.  .  .   You have no idea how happy we are that we went through you for our little daughter and not the other breederwe almost went through.   . .  Well Melissa, thank you again and continue to produce babies like this.  Anyone who gets a grey through you is extremely lucky.                                    

George [Dad to Nala, an African Grey]  Illinois 

​Good morning!  Just wanted to let you know that Zazu is doing great!  I am not sure that he really needed an adjustment time.  When I got home from work on Wednesday, he had already examined the entire house, and was sitting with the kids being scratched.  He is stepping upreally well. And he is doing great with the kids.  He has even made up an Uh-oh game with them, or at least we are pretty sure he is doing it on purpose.  He will throw a toy and wait for them to say Uh-oh and if they don’t he will squawk until they do.  It is pretty funny.  He must have made them pick up this one toy yesterday about twenty times before he got bored.  You did a great job with this baby!  He is an awesome guy!  Thank you so much!                                     

Danielle  [Mom to Zazu, an African Grey]  Texas


BRENDA G. [Mom to an African Grey]  FLORIDA    

​We just wanted to send you a note to let you know how Deacon is doing. We thought we were living the good life for all its worth. Little did we know how much a small, clown like little grey creature could enrich our lives so much. It is said that timing is everything. It is, but somehow I wish we had found the pleasure that Deacon has brought into our home some years ago. He is starting to talk. He says whats up doc, thank you, and I love you. Much more that is not yet discernable.     Again thank you for being the angel that sent us a treasure for ourSeptember years. Just know that he is well loved and treasured.                                            

Ron and Eva Cushman [Parents to Deacon, an African Grey]  Illinois

Hope you have a Happy Holiday-Here is a picture of Sassimo and JoJo-They are sweet hearts--Sassie loves to get into the Christmas Tree-Now JoJo he is scared to death of it. JoJo is talking up a storm and Sassimo will say a few words. Anyway wanted to send these pictures to you. Merry Christmas----                                    

Kathy and Billy [Parents to Sassimo (Umbrella Cockatoo) and JoJo (African Grey)] Texas 

I had purchased an African Grey from you back in Nov 2004. I have been so busy for the past year that I never contacted you to tell you how she was doing. I attached pictures and she is doing extremely well. . . She is sweet and loving except with strangers. . . I now have only a puppy . . . and they get along great. Lucy shares her treats with Shelby, what ever peanuts she drops to the bottom of her cage Shelby gets to eat, works out wonderful. I can’t wait to send you pictures of Lucy after she opens her Open Cage on Christmas. Thanks somuch for having the bird loving business you have and making our life with our precious African Grey Lucy so wonderful. Thanks so much 
Christa and Dan Herbert [Parents of Lucy, an African Grey] Pennsylvania

​ I just wanted to let you know that Poindexter (my Congo Gray) is doing very well. I am so glad he came to California instead of going to NJ! When he arrived, the guys at the airport thought he was so friendly that they wanted to keep him-they offered us a cat instead. (Quite a charmer, this one).On the drive home, he was trying sooo hard to get out of the carrier. Against my better judgment I let him out, and he just cuddled up and cooed at me. He is apparently quite adaptable and was not the least bit frightened. I have a large bird room and an outside aviary for my 16 parrots, butPoindexter is one of my favorites. He is talking and loves to have his head scratched. He has never bitten anyone, and just loves to cuddle. He gets along well with the other birds and is a very good citizen. Thank you so much for giving him such a good start in life! I think his hatch date is March (?) so he is apparently an early talker. Thanks again!                                                

Lorie [Mom to Poindexter, an African Grey] California  

​Just a note to let you know how my baby is doing, she's one year old and the sweetest thing. thanks for raising healthy loving babies, if I ever get another bird it will be from you.                                    

Thanks, Ladonna [Mom to an African Grey]  Arkansas

Just want you to know that Bella is doing great...eating very well and is very curious to her surroundings...she sleeps great at night and just loves to sit on her playgym during the day!! We are bonding everyday and just want to say thanks for everything...I will be definitely be contacting you for our next bird!!                                    

Thanks so much Terra and Rico [Parents to Bella, an African Grey]  Tennessee 

I have never been prouder than I am with Casper, your love, devotion of your hand fed parrots is incredible. I wouldn't buy from anyone else but you. I've told all my friends about the aviary. I've had 3 year old kids hold her and she's amazing with them. She doesn't bite, but love to give kisses. Saying "thank you" doesn't even begin to appreciate your hard work and experience in preparing Casper to come home to us.                               

Diane and Steven [Parents to Caspar, an Umbrella Cockatoo]  Texas  

​His name is" Bugsy"  the  Hans Macaw. Our bird is now two years old. What a wonderful comical  companion.  He says many words and phrases recently he learned  "I have to go poop"!!  And he will go on a paper when we can grab one quickly enough.  We would like everyone who is interested in purchasing a bird, to know  they have reached the right aviary. Melissa is the most wonderful caring breeder I have ever met. All her birds are wonderful, healthy and happy. Full Nest Aviary can help you in every way with your purchase and you can be confident and sure all information you will receive is true and knowledgeable.                                    

Doris [Mom to Bugsy, a Hahns Macaw]   Texas  

We purchased Gracie an African Grey from you a year ago, she was from your May 24th, 2006 clutch. We wanted to let you know she is doing great and thriving. She has started to talk and she says, "Hi Gracie Lou!!!", she whistles songs and is sweet to everyone in our family. Thank you for providing such a wonderful pet for our family.                                    

Laura and Carl [Parents to Gracie, an African Grey] Texas